[17 Jan 2024] Meeting #508 Minutes

The January 2024 General Meeting was hosted by Michael Wallis, who emphasized the importance of renewing membership dues. Prasada Rao Gogineni from India extended New Year greetings and discussed his membership and donations. Overall, the meeting covered administrative matters and

ERPS #403 – 09 Oct 2014

Call to Order – 20:10 Julie, Gerry, Michael President – Santa Clara County buying old United Technologies rocket test facility to turn it into open space. – Attended ARM_TechCon – Lots of options for data acquisition – Get a quad-coptor

ERPS #398 – 10 Apr 2014

Call to Order – 20:10 Julie, Gerald, Michael President – MEMS sensors very cheap and accessible. Treasurer – State Attorney General still not responding. Other Business – Discussion of Data Acquisition system needs and components. Adjourn – 20:40