The E.R.P.S. 2018 Annual Meeting was called to order at 15:51 hrs (3:51 pm) today. 

President’s Remarks

Outgoing President Rick Kwan led a discussion on directions going forward, based on some of his recent emails. Discussed were plans for Space Access conference, external-facing documentation, redoing the logo, creating credible engineering plans, using internet collaboration tools, creating study groups (sounding rockets, air-launch to LEO, micro and nano-sats, electric pumps, flight sim and modeling), creating a proper legal agreements and liability waivers, establishing spin-off procedures for products, companies and such.

Board elections came after that, with three nominations for the two available seats. Selected to serve 2 years were Dafne Torres and Julie Porter, joining Gerald Nordley, Dan Solvin and Michael Wallis, who will complete their second year. Gerry was confirmed for a second year as Board Chairman.

For Officers, the results are:

President: Michael Wallis
VP Eng: Alex Mikhailov
Treasurer: Gerald D. Nordley
Secretary: Rick Kwan

After the elections, Gerry gave the Treasurer’s report on current finances and said he’s working to refile the Form 3500 with the CA Secretary of State.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:45 (4:45 pm), and hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and soda were consumed.

 Space Access ’19

  • Definite interest in an April 2019 date
  • Discussions around possible help from the team that runs Contact
  • Alex interested in Hotel Liaison
  • Michael will call a meeting for those interested
[05 May 2018] Annual Meeting and Elections
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