The regular General Meetings of the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month starting at 7:30 pm. Attendance is open to anyone interested in furthering the aims of the Society.

Topic: ERPS General Meeting
Time: 1930 hrs (7:30 PM) Pacific time zone

Aug 16th, 2022

Special guest Henry Spencer will give us a talk!

"Why the World Needs Solar Power Satellites"

All the things you hear about in the news unfortunately aren't really going to solve the world's energy problems -- not when you look at the numbers.  (And no, Saint Elon isn't going to save us!)  One of the few things that might is Solar Power Satellites: collecting solar energy in space and beaming power down to Earth.  What they are, why we need them, and why we should be paying more attention to them.

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