Call to Order – 20:14
Gerry, Michael, Julie

– Been going to Maker meetups in Benicia
– Maker group asked for grant and Benicia gave them $20k
– Maybe set up Meetup for ERPS?
– Has article in EE Times
– SurveyMonkey sponsored meeting
– Discussion of recruiting ideas
– Meetup
– Twitter
– Facebook

– Still no letter from AG Office

– SpaceX F9R accident, two F9 launches, 2 coming
– Need for DC-X “Intact Abort” capability
– State of Society

Other Business
– SpaceX
–¬†WorldCon, Irish SF Con (Gerry mentioned ERPS)
–¬†Rosetta/Philae nearing comet
–¬†New Horizon approaching Pluto
–¬†Dawn headed for Ceres

Adjourn – 21:04

ERPS #402 – 11 Sep 2014