Some recent news items:

– Satria launched yesterday – Internet for Indonesia
– SpaceX launched Transporter-8 Jun 12th w/72 minisats
– … and landed 200th F9 first stage.
– Earlier that day, it launched 52 Starlink sats from VSFB
– VO ceases operations
– NASA asked 7 commercial partners for station proposals, including using Starship as one.
– ULA finally tested the Vulcan rocket engines, leaving just one task before inaugural launch, the dreaded final ground testing of the Vulcan rocket’s Centaur upper stage.
– Crew Dragon and CRS-28 launched to station
– Earlier in Jun, SpaceX launched 22 more v2 Starlinks
– Chinese Shenzhou returns Taikonauts from Tiangong station
– Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule was delayed AGAIN, by technical issues
– NK failed in it’s try to put a spy satellite into orbit
– Peggy Whitson & crew of Axiom-2 landed safely
– RocketLab flew their first Suborbital launch

[20 Jun 2023] ERPS #501
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