2002 Apr 14 – KISS II Flight 3

The day was still young and we still had peroxide so after recovering the vehicle we checked it, prepped it, fueled it and flew it again, less than 2 hours after it’s first flight of the day!

2002 Apr 14 – KISS II Flight 2

Having celebrated a successful flight the previous night, Saturday dawned as another clear day in Mojave. We eagerly went out to the MTA and prepped the vehicle, then conducted a second successful flight in less than 24 hours!

2002 Apr 13 – KISS II Flight 1

Just over 2 months later, on Apr 13th, 2002, we were back in Mojave with an improved and rebuilt K.I.S.S. II vehicle. This had numerous changes to improve the recovery systems and a better pressurization system.

2002 Feb 10 – KISS First Flight “Celebration”

After running about 2 kilometers (1.5 miles) through the Mojave scrub we finally found where K.I.S.S. had impacted. The good thing was that, having failed their primary purpose, the nosecone and parachute section provided a secondary “impact crumple zone” and gave their lives to protect the hand machined engine. Upon returning with the remnants, Mark Blair popped the bottle of champagne he had brought.

2002 Feb 10 – KISS First Flight

This is the Feb 10th, 2002 first flight of the K.I.S.S. vehicle. Note the angle it flies off once leaving the rail (Mojave wind). Unfortunately, the HPR sensors didn’t think it had launched and didn’t arm the recovery system. It came down fast and hard.