Michael, Gerald, and Greg discussed various topics while waiting for others to show up.

They talked about a missing writer who was found in a hospital and the importance of having contact information in case of emergencies. Michael shared his plans to install an all sky camera system on his roof and create a website for people to view and request photos. Gerald mentioned his writing projects and how he occasionally works on them. They also briefly discussed Christmas shopping and a new building being constructed across the street from the recycling center.

Michael provided a comprehensive update on recent space industry news, including successful launches by Blue Origin and SpaceX, delays in the launch of the 1st Starlink satellite for satellite to cell phone tests, and the postponement of the Falcon Heavy launch of the X-37B space plane.

He also discussed SpaceX’s dominance in the satellite market and their revenue streams. Gerald provided the financial report and they both discussed the potential for overcrowding in space. Lawrence Livermore’s simulation of a nuclear device striking a NEO was discussed. The meeting ended with everyone wishing each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

[19 DEc 2023] Minutes of Meeting #507 – 19 Dec 2023
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