The annual meeting of the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society was held on May 4 as previously announced. Meeting start was planned for 3:00pm, but delayed to allow other voting members to attend. At 4:14pm, members present agreed to start the meeting, with a quorum present as defined in the bylaws. There were 4 members in attendance, all of whom are currently qualified to vote.

The main agenda item of the meeting was the election of members for Board Seats #4 and #5 for terms of 2 years and the election of the four officers. (Elections for seats #1, #2, #3 will occur in 2025.)

Dan S moved to re-elect the people who currently occupy the seats and offices that are up for election. The motion was seconded by Gerald N. A discussion on whether these were willing to continue (or at least showed insufficient reluctance) occurred.

A vote was taken to fill the board seats as follows:

* Board Seat #4: Julie Porter

* Board Seat #5: Rick Kwan

The re-election was unanimous.

A vote was taken to fill the officer positions as follows:

* President: Michael Wallis

* Vice President: Alex Mikhailov

* Treasurer: Gerald D. Nordley

* Secretary: Rick Kwan

The re-election was unanimous.

Following the elections, Gerald N reported on the EPRS FY2024 financial status as of 04 May 2024. Several work units are in progress, and reimbursements are expected; there are adequate funds to cover these and possible new work units.

There were additional discussions regarding: KISS and Biprop vehicles, DAC work, project fabrication needs, and HTP as a booster propellant.

Meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent at 5:30pm.

The next egular meeting will be Meeting #513 = 21 May 2024 @ 7:30 pm Pacific Time.

[05 May 2024] Minutes of the Annual Meeting
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