The meeting began with Michael Wallis providing an update on the Starship launch, including the environmental impact report and the modified launch window. The launch was successful, with the rocket clearing the tower at a slight angle but not as much as during the first launch.

The speakers then discussed the details of the Starship integrated flight test, including the successful hot staging and OLM improvements, as well as the issues faced by the booster during the flight. They also provided updates on the ongoing development and testing of Starship, including the construction of new vehicles. Additionally, they discussed the progress of Starlink, which is now the largest satellite metwork in the world and has achieved break-even in terms of cash flow.

Michael and Gerald then discussed Elon Musk’s recent behavior and their annual Statement of Officers. The meeting continued with introductions and small talk among the attendees.

The meeting section focused on the treasurer’s report and project allocation, with Gerald Nordley providing an update on the recent donation and available funds for projects. Michael Wallis shared his passion for astronomy and his plans to build a remote-controlled observatory using a Raspberry Pi and optical camera. The group welcomed new members and introduced themselves, including Matt Ahmad, a QA manager with a passion for space, and Atul Hari, a robotics engineer who recently moved to the Bay Area.

The group also briefly touched on the topic of space memorabilia, including the value of watches and moon rocks. Mustafa expressed his interest in the space industry and rockets, while Michael shared his group’s achievements in developing hydrogen peroxide catalysts and building engines and vehicles. The meeting ended with a motion to adjourn and wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

[22 Nov 2023] Summary of ERPS General Meeting #506
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