Attending: Attending were: Julie Porter, Dan Solvin, Gerald Nordley, Stellan Lagerström, Michael Wallis.
Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1238 Prescott Ave. by President Julie Porter
at 2038 Tuesday 18 May 2010

Reports of Officers


    • Nothing to report.


    • (absent)


    • Michael Wallis reported that we still have money and need to update the members list.


    • Nothing to report.

Outreach & News:

  • Stellan Lagerström reported on preparations for the Maker Faire and displayed part of the mockup of the next ERPS rocket.
  • Excavating the robot arm and other artifacts from the locker did not occur last weekined and it does not appear that people will have time to do that before the faire.
  • Stellan intends to scout the site Thursday and set up Friday.
  • Various set-up details were discussed.

State of Peroxide

  • (nothing reported)

State of Test Site

  • (nothing reported)

State of Engines

  • (nothing reported)

State of vehicles

  • See “Outreach” above.

Old Business:

    Bylaws update

    • Michael Wallis and Gerald Nordley are working on this.

New Business

  • None


  • Stellan moved to adjourn at 2132, seconded by Dan Solvin.
    The Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 2111 16 May 2010
General Meeting #350
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