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The Annual Meeting of the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society was called to order by Board Chairman Stewart Cobb at 15:30 Saturday 08 May 2010.


  1. Old Business
    1. Revision of BylawsMichael Wallis reported that the State had never been sent a copy of the revisions to the Bylaws that had done a couple of years ago. To rectify this, the changes needed to be approved again and sent to the State of California.

      So moved by Gerald Nordley seconded by Dave Weinshenker.

      Summary of the revisions 

    2. Article 3 Section 8:
      Amend to read that the Annual Meeting be held on 1st Sat in May @ 3:00 pm
    3. Article 4 Section 1:
      Amend to include Vice President as Officer
    4. Article 4 Section 5:
      Amend to read that Vacancies will be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors
    5. Article 4 Section 8:
      Amend to number the duties of Secretary
    6. Article 4 Section 9:
      Amend to number the duties of Treasurer
    7. Article 6 Section 2:
      Amend to allow for single signature for checks

        There was some discussion on this change. A consensus emerged that:
        Checks could be signed by Treasurer



      except that neither officer shall sign checks to him or herself


      This was accepted as a friendly amendment.

After noting the absence of additional discussion, the Chairman called for a vote and the motion to adopt the above changes carried unanimously.

A copy of the Bylaws, as amended, will be put together and posted to the Docs website by Michael Wallis, and a signed copy filed with the State by Gerald Nordley.

  • New Business
    1. Makers’ Faire:
      • Stellan Lagerström reported that we have a 10×10 space at the Faire.
      • Stellan presented drawings of the rocket mock-up to be exhibited at the Fare.
      • Stellan presented a progress report on techshop nosecone fabrication
      • Stellan needs names of people who will work in the booth this weekend.
      • It was suggested we try to sell the Robot Arm at the Makers’ Fare.
        • Transportation issues were discussed; Gerald Nordley’s van will be available.
        • Stellan will check on faire rules and space constraints.
        • There was discussion concerning minimum bids.
        • Stellan will report back at the next regular meeting.
    2. Storage Facility:Michael Wallis suggested that along with the extrication of the Robot Arm, an inventory and rearrangement of the Storage area be conducted, next weekend, perhaps. Those interested will organize themselves for this task.
  • Elections:
    1. Board of Directors:
      • Directors:

        The current Directors were renominated en masse by Dave Weinshenker and Julie Porter seconded.

        With little discussion, Chairman Cobb called for the vote and the slate was approved unanimously.

      • Chairman:

        Stewart Cobb was nominated to retain the post of Chairman of the Board by Michael Wallis and seconded by Gerald Nordley.

        There were no other nominations and this was approved unanimously, the Chairman not voting.

    2. Officers:
      • CEO/President:
        Julie Porter was nominated by Dave Weinshenker and seconded by Gerald Nordley.

        There were no other nominations and this was approved unanimously.

      • Vice President:

        Dave Weinshenker was nominated by Gerald Nordley seconded by Julie Porter.

        There were no other nominations and this was approved with five ayes and one abstention.

      • CFO/Treasurer:

        Michael asked if Gerry wanted to step up to Treasurer, but he declined stating he was already doing that duty for another organization.

        Michael Wallis was nominated by Gerald Nordley and Julie Porter seconded.

        There were no other nominations and this was approved unanimously, with Michael not voting.

      • Secretary:

        Gerald Nordley was nominated by Julie Porter and seconded by Michael Wallis.

        There were no other nominations and this was approved unanimously.

    Michael notes that a new list of Directors and Officers needs to be filed with the State each year. This can be done via the web

  • AdjournmentDave Weinshenker moved to adjourn, seconded by Michael Wallis. The Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 16:35, 08 May 2001.

Gerald Nordley


2010 Annual Meeting
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