E.R.P.S. General Meeting #336

Attending: Michael W,
Kevin B,
Ed S,
Julie P,
Gerald N,
Dan S
Call to order: Vice-President Julie P called the meeting to order at 20:20 on Tuesday 17 Feb. 2009 at the home of G. Nordley.


    President’s Report


    Vice-President’s Report

    Nothing tor eport

    Treasurer’s Report

    • We have some money
    • Annual report and tax receipts in progress.
    • We are still having difficulties getting records from Wells Fargo
    • State waiting for financial data, we’re waiting for WF.

    Secretary’s Report

    Nothing new

    State of Peroxide

    • Kevin Bollinger brought old patent for cleaning up peroxide. EDTA (chelation agent) in resins filters peroxide, works at room temperature.
    • Dan asked if we should buy or make peroxide?
      • Swedish source would have high shipping costs, but we may be able to piggy-back on a bigger order.
      • XL Space Systems is back in business. We can buy from them, presumably.

    State of the Ranch

    • Dan: If something happens to Chuck, what happens?
    • Kevin:
      • Site owned by corporation, but not much action.
      • Chuck handles paperwork.
      • Kevin mentioned that ERPS should probably be contributing to cost of storage permits, etc.
      • Treasurer agreed we could do this
    • Still need design and plan of action for Blockhouse

    State of Engines

    • Mike Wallis mentioned grant possibility for new engine development.
    • Dan is still designing a bi-prop engine.
    • Kevin: showed example of a heat sink engine with up to 10 sec run time using hypergolic ignition.
    • Kevin read off several possible propellant combinations.
    • This was followed by a discussion on both liquid and solid catalysts.

    State of Vehicles

    • Kevin has made some progress on “LEVER” vehicle – 8′ tall without cone.

Other Business


    • AST meetings, Space Access coming up.
    • SA is the same dates as CONTACT this year, so GDN will not be attending
    • Ed brought up the idea of a room party at BayCon this year.
    • The SiliCon party was generally thought to be non-productive.

    Many discussions were held after the formal meeting.


Gerald Nordley moved to adjourn. Dan seconded. Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 20:50.

Post-meeting note:

    Kevin promised he would test the patent for cleaning peroxide discussed last meting and report back to the group – hopefully at March meeting, but no later than April meeting.
General Meeting #336