Attending: Michael W, Gerald N, Stallen L, and Ed S
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Treasurer Michael Wallis at 2038 Tuesday 17 Mar. 2009


    President’s Report


    Vice-President’s Report



    Nothing new; we still have money. Michael Wallis brought the pun jar and there was discussion concerning the origen of pun fine rules. The rules are the same as the BASFA pun rules, which Michael Wallis wrote.


    Nothing new.


    We should outreach to BASFA. Ask for a grant? G. Nordley asked for CONTACT volunteers.

    State of Peroxide:

    Nothing to report.

    State of Test Site:

    Nothing to report.

    State of Engines:

    Nothing to report.

    State of vehicles:

    Nothing to report.

    Other Business:

    Nothing formal. Discussions held after formal meeting.


    Ed Stokke moved to adjourn, Stallen Lagerström seconded. Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 2100.
General Meeting #337