Attending: Gerald N,
Michael W,
Dan S,
Eric W,
Stellan L,
Julie P,
Dave W
Call to order: President Dave W called the meeting to order at 20:10 at the home of G. Nordley.


    President’s Report:

    Nothing to report

    Vice-President’s Report:

    Nothing to report

    Treasurer’s Report:

    • We have some money
    • 2009 Dues are due

    Secretary’s Report:

    Nothing to report

    State of Peroxide

    • Dave W. reported that there is nothing new on peroxide

    State of Engines

    • Engine work has been reported on the list.
    • Dan Solvin reported that a redesign of the bi-prop engine is in progress toward kilonewton thrust.

    State of the Ranch

    • Dan Solvin asked how do we get blockhouse done before biprop test?
    • Michael said we need a plan, a bill of materials, a budget for supplies, etc. A discussion ensued of concrete mixers, conveyors, and materials for blockhouse.

Other Business



    Gerald N moved to adjourn at 20:35, seconded by Stellan L and without opposition the meeting was adjourned.
General Meeting #335