Call To Order – 20:28
Julie, Stu, Gearald, Michael

– We need a new place to meet
– Michael offered his new place

741 Carolina Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

– Have to file paperwork for Address of Record

Moved – Amend records to show address as 741 Carolina Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
mw/sc = Passed

Received two checks from Feds ($100 & $200) for refunds from 501(c)(3) filing fees.

– Now listed in Fed site as charitable organization (retro active to Aug 2010?)
– Back to when it lapsed.
– Ready to file State forms.
– New statement of Officers to be filed.

Discussion of banking fees and the possibility of changing to a new fees.

Moved – Authorize Treasurer to look into alternative financial institutions with lower or no fees.
sc/mw = Passed

Discussion of rocket engine status – still need 50 lbf standard engine.

CubeSat and tethers discussions.

Spin station – sun synchronous LEO orbit?
– Gary Hudson wants one for people.

– DC-X 20th Anniversary coming up in New Mexico
– Worldcon
– Space Frontier Foundation Business Competition
– Kepler Conference

New business
– Makers Faire 2014
– Weekend before Memorial Day
– If go, what do we take?
– Get stuff from Dave’s locker
– Write articles for Make Magazine – KISS

Moved – President to determine dates and costs for a table.
gn/mw = Passed

Adjourn – 21:47

ERPS # 389 – 16 Jul 2013
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