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To start off the new year, one of the things that’s been needed is a Ranch Trip to determine what condition things are in.

I’m planning to go out there next Saturday. Among the tasks to be accomplished are:

  1. Evaluate general state of the Ranch
  2. Evaluate status of the test stand
  3. Detailed measurement and location of test stand support bolts
  4. Examination of power to the stand
  5. Evaluate options for block house
  6. Examine water supply status
  7. Examine on-site peroxide storage
The plan is to meet up at the Ingram Creek Restaurant (off I-5 South at Westley) at 10:00 am Saturday morning and convey to the Ranch together.
Ranch Trip Preparations:
– Wear layered clothing so you can remove some when it warms up.
– Wear good hiking boots, the roads and hills are rough on shoes.
– Bring comfortable work gloves as we may need to be moving things or clearing weeds.
– Bring a Ham walkie talkie or FSR radio if you have one. Cell phones generally don’t work.
– Bring sun screen and a hat that shades your head – the sun bears down even in January!
– Bring several bottles of water – you can dehydrate quickly.
– Bring a sandwich and soda for lunch – there’s no food at the Ranch.
Anyone interested in the Ranch, static test facilities and/or engine tests should try to be at Ingram Creek by 10:00 am.
See you there!
Ranch Trip Planning ==> 11 Jan 2014
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