Call to Order – 20:01
Gerald, Julie, Michael

– Move meetings to 2nd Thurs
GN/MW – Unanimous

Julie was selected to present at EE Liev Conference Wed Apr 2, 2014 @ 4pm
– Demo of piano roll scanning machine
– Thu @ 1pm = Amica toy piano design

Contact Conference is this weekend
– Need Mac Mini – use as streaming server to support conference

– Julie ran into old ERPS member Eric Wilner – considering moving to Tennesse
– Julie working Maker Faire

– Do we want to try to work with Hiller Museum?
– Provide family friendly links?

Discussion of how to bootstrap.

– There is a new Maker space in Benicia
– Interested in getting Julie involved for Arduino stuff

– still waiting to hear from CA Attorney Genery Office
– Good with the Feds.

– SpaceX launch 30 Mar

Adjourn – 20:45

ERPS #397 – 18 Mar 2014
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