Call to order – 20:26
Michael, Julie, Dave W, Gerry, (David Robb visiting)

President’s Report
– Julie had books from original Mariner TV Images
– NASA made raw image data available
– Eng Final Reports from various Mariner missions
– Writing a postscript program to process the original data into usable images
– Has very small thermal sensors to gather in-vehicle data

VP Report
– Nothing on current projects
– Sounding rocket vehicle
– Hopper vehicle
– Attended SFF NewSpace Conference

– Expect to get 501(c)(3) paperwork out next week
– Financial stuff mostly done
– Will have to do CA after, but should be quick

– Mark will send email to project groups

FundersClub – VC Kickstarter

Adjourn – mw/gn – 21:17

ERPS #378 – 21 Aug 2012
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