Paint scheme comparisons

Attending: Julie P., Gerald N., Stellan L., Michael W.
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by vice President Julie Porter
at 2030 Tuesday 15 March 2010

Reports of Officers


      (not present)

    Vice President

    • 3 ERPS folk ran into each other at Nova Albion Steam Punk exhibition. This conference has promise for recruitment opportunities.
    • The Annual Meeting, including selection of Directors and Officers, has been reschedule for 8 May 2010.


    • We still have money. Membership dues are due.
      (All present paid up.)

    Outreach & News

    • Stellan showed his progress on the mock-up for display at the maker fair. We discussed means of covering the outside to look like metal.


      (nothing to report)

    State of Peroxide

      (nothing reported)

    State of Test Site

      (nothing reported)

    State of Engines

      (nothing reported)

    State of vehicles

      (see mockup above).

Old Business

    Updating the Bylaws
    Michael mentioned that the State still has the original (1995) Bylaws. This needs to be updated to the Revised Bylaws that were passed in 1998 (but it seems never sent to the State).

    • People can look at them HERE and provide inputs for changes.
    • This will likely be a major topic at the Annual Meeting, May 8th.

  • Action Item: Michael to detail specific changes needed, aside from names of Directors.

New Business



Stellan moved to adjourn at 2120, seconded by Michael Wallis .

The Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 2111 16 March 2010

General Meeting #349
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