General Meeting #348

Attending: Saacha T, Gerald N, Ed S, Stellan L, Julie P and Michael W
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Vice President Julie P. at 20:16 on Feb. 16th, 2010.


    President: – The President was absent and had sent no report.

    VP: – The Vice-President said she had nothing new to report.


    • we still have money
    • the Tax ID number has been salvaged (recovered from an old email) and posted to the Execs
    • have not processed Fed/State stuff yet


    • we have an exhibitor account on MakerFaire web site
    • have forms, etc and Stellan is working to get them submitted
    • we’ll need an electrical outlet for projector, laptop, etc
    • we plan to bring engines, the KISS vehicle, maybe the yellow Data Acquisition System, etc

Other Business:

    Saacha T attended his first E.R.P.S. meeting. He had heard about the group the day before.

    Saacha works at NASA Ames currently and has worked on cold gas jets, a 2 kilonewton hybrid rocket engine and a methane/lox engine at while a student at Delft University in the Netherlands.

    One of the issues he is/was seeking help with is trying to understand the US regulations for rocket launches (a familiar conundrum). We mentioned Dave W’s experience and the various solid rocket groups.

    Saacha also talked about some of the fundraising they had done in school using a two-part strategy:

    1. get aerospace students involved – they get experience useful in seeking jobs
    2. get donations from companies that hire aerospace grads as “outreach”


    Stellan moved and Michael seconded a motion to adjourn at 21:10.
    The motion passed without dissent and VP Julie declared the meeting adjourned.

Post meeting, there was much discussion of past and current E.R.P.S. activities, plans, dreams and delusions.

General Meeting #348
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