I have been able to recover an old copy of the 2002 E.R.P.S. budget.



Each project had proposed a budget and as they spent funds the amounts were taken off the budget to show what remained. I did some tidying up of spellings and formats and I swapped the Gizmocopter and POGO budgets (I no longer have the actual proposals but POGO showed a budget of $2,000 and didn’t spend a dime while Gizmo showed a budget of $800 and spent over $2,000).

I’d like to get a similar system setup for 2010, and get an idea of what projects we want to back and how much we need to raise.

I also have the Donations list from 2002. We had just shy of $30k donated that year in cash and items. The big item was John’s Test Stand work (cables and A/D box) and Adrian’s contribution for POGO. Outside of those two, we had about $4000 in donations, which is much more normal for the time period.

Project Amount Amount
Donation $935.16 $935.16
Gizmocopter $472.56 $472.56
KISS $1,561.71 $1,561.71
Membership $725.00 $725.00
Overhead $105.00 $725.00
POGO $9,000.00
Spike $67.75 $67.75
Test Stand $17,069.00
Voluntary Exec Dues $60.00 $60.00
Totals $29,996.18 $3,927.18

Between Space Access and the World Science Fiction Convention is San Jose that year, we sold 25 annual memberships, and 1 person paid membership for 4 years! Definitely our best year for paid membership.

2002 Budget data
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