General Meeting #345

Attending: Gerald N, Ed S, Stallen L, Julie P, Stu C and Michael W
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Vice President Julie P. at 20:15 on Dec. 15th, 2009.

Reports of Officers



    Vice President:

      (Nothing to report)


      – We still have money, about to have less.
      – The Board has been discussing a motion to authorize and appropriate $500 for test site infrastructure support.


      – There have been 5 Board votes recorded in favor, none opposing to the disbursement mentioned above.
      – Board Chairman Stu C. declared the motion (to authorize and appropriate) “approved”.
      – Michael Wallis confirmed the mailing address on the phone.
      – The check will be sent out Wednesday.

    Outreach & News:

      – Michael Wallis reported the Spaceship 2 rollout.
      – Gerald Nordley reported that XCor is still in business.

    State of Peroxide:

      Nothing new to report.

    State of Test Site

      As previously reported, the Board approved $500 for Test Site Infrastructure.

    State of Engines:

      Nothing new to report (Dan S being absent).

    State of vehicles

      Michael suggested we think about a Pogo Mark2 vehicle capable of performing a Conrad Square (up, hover, translate, hover, land). The recently completed Lunar Lander Challenge (won by former E.R.P.S. President Dave Masten’s company – Masten Space Systems) demonstrated just such capabilities. Unreasonable Rockets (a father and son team) got hardware in the air using peroxide. Building up a larger team and optimizing catalyst packs for 98% HTP as oxidizer in a biprop engine should allow for goo flight times in a modest sized vehicle.

Old Business

    – Non-Profit status; recovery still in work. Michael Wallis may visit IRS office during holiday season to get the right forms.

New Business

    – A Board meeting may be called early in the new year. Stu C. to email notice to the Execs.


    Stallen Lagerstorm moved to adjourn at 2040, Michael Wallis seconded. Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 2041.

General Meeting #345