General Meeting #343

Attending: Dan S, Stallen L,
Gerald N,
Ed S,
Dave W,
Julie P,
Michael W
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by President Dave W. at 20:20 on Oct. 20th, 2009

Reports of Officers:


    • Witnessed test of hybrid rocket.

Vice President:

  • Nothing to report.


  • Have some money, no new donations.
  • We are still waiting for the State of California to reply to queries concerning what needs to be done.


  • Nothing to report.


  • Ed Stokke suggest a Further Confusion panel “Gold Rush in Space.” Further Confusion is the last week in January in the Fairmont.
  • Maker’s fair is suggested as a good opportunity for recruiting.

State of Peroxide:

  • Dave said the stuff at the test site has degraded, except possibly the peroxide that is still in the sealed drums.
  • He suggested we get serious about this when we have something to burn it in.

State of Test Site:

  • Dan asked about the blockhouse, on which nothing has happened. Dan and Dave are apparently the only ones with keys.
  • It is not expected that no new keys will be issued due to homeland security concerns, the implication that a fair amount of coordination is needed.

State of Engines:

  • Dan is still looking for someone to do drilling of the coolant channels for the new engine. It’s possibly this could be done using EDM.

State of vehicles:

  • Nothing much is being done on vehicles; we need to build and test then new engine first.
  • That being said, Dan does have some interesting SolidWorks drawings of tankage and fin cans.

Other Business:

  • Former ERPS President Dave Masten’s company (Masten Space Systems) is going for the million dollar Level 2 Lunar Lander Challenge on 28/29 October. If they can qualify with the level of accuracy on the landings that they showed in qualifying for the Level 1 Challenge, they could take First Prize ($1 million) from Armadillo Aerospace, who qualified in September.


  • Julie Porter moved to adjourn at 2110, Ed Stokke seconded. Meeting adjourned without objection.
General Meeting #343