Meeting #318

Attending: Dan S., Julie P, Michael W
Call to Order: 8:30 p.m., July 9th, 2007


  • Dan is looking to get the patent information from Kevin that had been mentioned at the last meeting.
  • Julie mentioned that she had had success using the Google Patent Search engine in finding pipe organ patents from the 1920’s. They had been OCR scanned so there were many typo’s but she had found them by searching based on location.

    [[ Note: A quick search found hundreds of patents related to hydrogen peroxide production. ]]

  • It was also mentioned that the Sunnyvale Library has a good selection of patents on microfiche.
  • Dan mentioned that some peroxide might be available through Team SpeedUp, a competitor for the Lunar lander Challenge at the X Prize Cup this year.
  • This led to a discussion of the various competitors and people’s thoughts on their chances.


  • No report as no one has been there in the last month.


  • Dan talked about his plans for the Spike engine and vehicle.
  • He has talked with the folks at BoJo’s about using their lathe and mill for the fabrication.
  • There are power issues with the equipment at Unit 24 that make them unusable.
  • Michael has not heard back from Eric Wilner about the TechShop options. He will try to contact him again.
  • BoJo has a 3 axis CNC machine that should be a good match for our needs.
  • Because most tech shops use SolidWorks, Dan is learning to use the program but can do 2D drawings for parts he can machine himself.


  • A discussion of Dan’s proposed 10” x 6’ Aluminum tanks followed, include details and ideas for filament winding.
  • Dan will research commercial filament winding options and hopefully will present a report next meeting.
  • Dan asked about getting a copy of RockSim to be used by the club (particularly Spike team) for refining design criteria.
  • Dan then gave a detailed description of vehicle components which he requested be off the record.


  • There was discussion of recruiting new members at Silicon.
  • Michael mentioned that he had talked to Pam Rice (Programming Head) at SiliCon and that he would get in touch with her regarding doing a panel on rocket technology, or suborbital spaceflight, or private spaceflight, or … whatever.
  • Julie also mentioned ConXtreme but that they were mostly an Anime convention.

Adjourned: 9:45 p.m.

General Meeting #318