Attending: Michael W., Julie P., Dan S., Stellan L., Ed S., Chris McK.
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Julie P. at 20:28 on Jul 21th, 2009



  • We still have money
  • I still haven’t completed financials yet.
  • We have no “unrelated business income”, which is what the State wants.


  • Missing Honda generator
  • Still need to do HTP Audit @ ranch.
  • Can get HTP from Neno. Juan has some. Can’t reach Carden yet.
  • Discussion of catalysts – calcination, metals in Fuel for hypergolic
  • Discussion of liquid, hybrid and solid engines.


  • Discussion of using balloon launch.
  • Need for SSTO capabilities dictates not doing it that year.


  • Bi-prop engine design mostly done.
  • HTP/Alcohol 5000 N (1143 lbf)
  • Cavitating venturi
  • 2 cycle regen flow
  • alcohol out around shell and into core
  • 8″ diameter tank – 1/8″ wall – 1000 psi
  • gimbal control


  • green propellant
  • great PR stuff
  • Green Flight – partner/grant potential
  • = cheesy
  • = Swedes


Ed S. moved, and Michael W. seconded. There being no objection, Julie P declared the meeting adjourned at 21:40.
General Meeting #341