Attending: Dan S., Gerald N., Dave W., Julie P., Stellan L., Michael W.
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by President Dave W. at 22:24 on Jun 16th, 2009

Reports of Officers


  • Visited test site. Reported on the number of dogs and geese present.
  • Regulatory news – the court has ordered that classification of a rocket propellant as an “explosive” by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms couldn’t justified.
  • Vice President:

    Nothing reported


  • Have some money, no new donations.
  • Dave Weinshenker remarked that we need to have non-profit status tied down
  • Recorder:

  • Nothing to report.
  • Outreach:

    Michael Wallis reported:

    • Jeff Greason of XCOR was named to the Augustine commission reviewing Human Spaceflight priorities.
    • There was a discussion on prizes for performance versus development contracts.
    • Michael to revise F.A.S.T. paper originally done with Adrian and Randall for ISDC 2003
    • Update to incorporate past 6 years of experience of NewSpace movement

    Michael reported on the “Maker Faire”:

    • A gathering of people who like to tinker with stuff.
    • They had a room full of rocket stuff, all HPR.
    • Better place to recruit for E.R.P.S.
    • Could we do a “teacart” rocket? Borrow XCOR’s?
    • “Make” magazine publishes papers on this sort of stuff.
    • Michael to investigate

    State of Peroxide:

    • Dave Weinshenker reported that there is some 85% peroxide at the test site, property of another user, and there was discussion if we want to purchase it.
    • Dave discussed purification strategy, 70% less reactive than 50%.
    • Dan Solvin worried about reaction with filtering plastic.
    • Dave reported nothing bad has happened. The operation is conducted remotely.
    • Dave Weinshenker reported that our concentrating equipment appears intact and might be used.
    • Michael mentioned that he’d received email from Juan about supplying peroxide to the group
    • Michael to contact various suppliers for specs and prices.

    State of Test Site:

  • Discussion of blockhouse construction. Dan discussed forms and cement, which seems to be the preferred method. The thickness of walls was discussed, and the consensus seemed to be the foam “speed blocks” would provide a thick enough wall. The target height would be 8 feet.

    State of Engines:

  • Dan Solvin reports that the design is almost complete and is looking for fabrication sources. Goal is to handle 100% Peroxide. Dave remarked that Kevin’s “347 stainless” ran with 99.2%. Dan Solvin: several alloys will do, he needs to find something in the right form to start with. We had discussion on the “Tech shop” in Menlo park. 125/mo individual, 1200/yr–cant afford it yet, at least not for a year. Julie reported that their “STL” software for laser cutters, 3D printing, is old and compatible with lots of things. Michael reported that classes on 3D printing available for $40. See

    State of vehicles:

    • Nothing to report

    Other Business:



    Julie Porter moved to adjourn at Stallen seconded. Without objection, Dave Weinshenker adjourned the meeting at 2130 hours.
    General Meeting #340