E.R.P.S. General Meeting #338

Attending: Michael W,
Gerald N,
Dan S,
Julie P and
Stallen L
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Vice President Julie Porter on Apr 21st, 2009

Officer Reports

    President’s Report:


    – We still have money and bank statements
    – We are finally getting paperwork out of Wells Fargo.
    – Dan asked about additional money sources.
        Michael Wallis said he’s collecting information but doesn’t have a lot of time for it.


    Nothing to report.


    BayCon is coming up.
    Silicon is interested in having us back there.
    The possibility of presenting a paper at CONTACT was discussed.

State of Peroxide:

    Commercially available now, may be cheaper to buy than make.

State of Test Site:

    No plans yet, but it’s that time of year to check things out.

State of Engines:

    Dan showed some engine illustrations on his computer. He has designed a catalyst pack section and an end cap with an elliptical “dome.” These sit in an aluminum cylinder, drilled with propellant passage tubes for cooling. An end piece and nozzle attach to the end of this.

State of vehicles:

    Nothing concrete to report.
    Dan also showed a rigid fin design. Weight is not an immediate concern, and rigidness is needed to counter supersonic flutter.

Other Business:

    Dan is looking for volunteers to do web-search and other chores.


    Stallen Lagerström moved to adjourn, Dan Solvin seconded.
    Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 2100.

General Meeting #338