Attending: Michael W,
Julie P,
Dan S,
Stellan L,
Gerald N.
Call to order: 8:03 pm at the home of G. Nordley.


    President’s Report:

    Dave has been contacted and is waiting on pick up arrangements for the arm.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    We still have money.

    State of Peroxide:

    Nothing to report.

    Test Site:

    Nothing to report.


    Waiting for machining.

    Dave W. asked Eric Wilner if he had any of Kevin’s catalyst left, but he didn’t.


    Dan presented 1:1 scale K.I.S.S. biprop vehicle design drawing shown at SiliCon.

    Four pressure sensors have been purchased, rated for 1000 PSI.

    Load cells were discussed; Dave W. mentioned Mass-Load.


    Michael showed the ERPS sign that was made for Silicon. We’ll keep it for display use (and when we get an office again).

    E.R.P.S. SiliCon presence and presentations were successful, but con attendance wasn’t great.

    One lesson learned: check attendance before buying party supplies (we overbought).

    Other Business:

    There was discussion on the Rocket Racing League’s use of Armadillo engines over XCOR.

    Various vehicle efforts for the Lunar Lander Challenge were discussed, including Armadillo, Unreasonablerockets, Testzer0, and Masten. In many instances, the propulsion isn’t ready.

    Dan mentioned “graphine” and “buckypaper.” A single layer would contain even helium and hold 3 bars pressure but weigh almost nothing.

    Gerald mentioned a friend who has a pretty good milling machine in his garage that may be available for E.R.P.S. use.


J. Porter moved to adjourn, G. Nordley seconded and without objection the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

General Meeting #332